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Everything You Need to Know About B2B Digital Recruitment

A significant number of B2B companies turn to digital recruitment and talent advisory platforms to boost their recruiting efforts, but not all of them understand how these services work or what exactly they can do for them. 

Some recruiters and advisory firms have become adept at identifying the best digital talent, but that doesn’t mean they understand it. To know if a recruiting or advisory firm can bring real value to your organization, you need to understand the difference between digital recruiting, headhunting, and advisory.

If you’re looking to join the b2b recruitment game or want to know what you can do if you’re already in it, here’s everything you need to know about b2b digital recruitment and talent advisory.

Consider hiring an internal recruiter to join the HR team.

Even if you decide to partner with an external recruiter, consider hiring an internal recruiter to join the HR team. Internal recruiters know your company best and can speak on behalf of the organization during the hiring process. They’re also more likely to identify recruitment problems before they come up and can help in developing strategies to overcome them. Hiring an internal recruiter is generally easier than hiring a full-time staffer—and their salaries are less costly, too.

How to search – resume, LinkedIn, or social media?

Digital recruitment is an under-explored part of candidate sourcing. While many digital platforms are still limited in terms of their effectiveness, candidates are increasingly spending time on social media, and social recruitment can be a great source for talent. For example, LinkedIn has more than 360 million users. 

Think about that for a second. 

In addition to traditional job boards and third-party sites, your brand could be attracting top talent through LinkedIn (and other channels) as well as helping candidates find your company.

Digital recruitment enables you to know how you competition is bringing in top talent and hire the best people before they do.

When it comes to B2B, knowing what your competition is doing is vital. From sales to marketing, digital recruitment can be just as competitive when searching for top talent. 

Digital recruitment enables you to know how you competition is bringing in top talent and hire the best people before they do. Without digital recruitment, job boards are your only option. These tools only offer access to passive candidates, meaning that you’re only attracting those who don’t currently have a job. Whereas digital recruitment helps you to attract top candidates by reaching out to potential employees as soon as their resumes land on employers’ desks—and even when they aren’t looking for a new job.

Consider what competitive offers look like.

The entire recruitment process is digitized, from sourcing candidates and communicating with them through engaging them in an online forum where they can see competitive offers look like. Digital recruitment lets you see competitive offers look like in real time, so you don’t have to do all that footwork anymore.

It is worth asking yourself, when was the last time you gave raises across the board?

If you haven’t, it’s time to reconsider what competitive offers look like. B2B digital recruitment enables you to not only find, but retain your best employees by giving you insight into what matters most to them.

Investing in a new hire vs internal training.

Bringing in outside talent into a team can be a tricky decision because training takes time and resources—plus it’s not always guaranteed that your new hire will be a good fit. A study by CareerBuilder showed that in 2014, nearly half of hiring managers (48 percent) said they had made a bad hire in the last year. In fact, many businesses have come around to investing more resources in internal training than external hires. By increasing training and educational opportunities for employees, employees can rise to positions within the company. 

Remember: It’s one thing to retain an employee, it’s another to increase productivity. When employees are demoralized, productivity will fall and attrition will rise.

The future of B2B digital recruitment.

As it becomes easier and more economical for employers and employees alike, digital recruitment is poised to shift from niche industry into a major economic force for B2B companies over next few years. By expanding into new industries, digital recruitment is likely to expand as well. However, companies that take their recruitment strategies beyond simply posting jobs on job boards will reap even greater rewards for their efforts. There’s a lot of work yet to be done, but we’re certainly on our way.

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