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B2B SEO Strategies

5 Essential DIY B2B SEO Strategies

Google has changed the SEO game in recent years, and many B2B SEO strategies that once worked well no longer do so. That’s why it’s important to employ the right strategies and tactics to achieve high Google page rankings, as that will make it easier to attract visitors and increase your overall business revenue. To help you with this, here are five essential DIY B2B SEO strategies for success. 

SEO Strategy #1: Research the Competition

When you’re just starting out with your business, it can be hard to stay on top of trends. One way to ensure that you’re always in touch with what your competitors are doing is to research them—and stay ahead of them. With tools like Semrush, you can find out what keywords they’re targeting and how they use their content and social media presence to attract potential customers. Plus, SEO isn’t just about keywords; it’s also about how they are used with your content.

SEO Strategy #2: Implement the right keywords

Keywords are the words or phrases people type into search engines to get answers and find websites they want to visit. If your keywords aren’t what people are looking for, you won’t get many hits on your site. It’s important to implement the right keywords for SEO. Look at keywords you should be targeting in order to boost your Google page ranking and improve traffic flow. Once you have the right keywords included into your content, you’ll be ready to set up Google Analytics.

B2B SEO Strategies

SEO Strategy #3: Set up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool for monitoring your rankings, traffic and other important SEO metrics. Set up Google Analytics to track and learn what’s working (and what’s not) for your SEO strategy. It should be as fundamental to your company as tracking revenue and orders. Unfortunately, most companies ignore it until they experience ranking issues or plateaued growth. Make sure you set up Google Analytics from day one! Don’t put it off until it becomes a problem. If it is an issue, you may need to reach out to a digital marketing agency, such as Revvnue, for help.

SEO Strategy #4: Optimize for Organic Search

Search engine optimization is most important when it comes to organic search since SEO strategies like link building can be erased. If you want to make sure your website stays high on Google search rankings, focus on generating as much relevant, valuable content as possible. This will improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and help you rank higher in Google searches.

SEO Strategy #5: Let social media work for you

This is one of those strategies that can seem counterintuitive at first. Why would you want to let social media boost your SEO? Well, most people use search engines while they’re on social media—Facebook and LinkedIn are incredibly popular search engines after all. So, if you craft content that appeals to them (specifically), then you can boost your SEO by using social media as a channel. When you create content tailored to fit your social media outlets, you provide yourself additional resources to boost not only your website, but also your brand and establish your company as an industry leader.

Employing the right strategies and tactics to achieve high Google page rankings can be a daunting task, but one that will make it easier to attract visitors and increase your overall business revenue if done correctly. By utilizing a few tools, you will be able to increase your position.

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