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10 tips on how to sell the meeting and increase sales conversion rates so you can get more high-value business deals across the finish line.

10 Tips to Sell the Meeting and Increase Sales Conversion Rates

Selling to business-to-business (B2B) customers can be tricky, especially when it comes to the difficulties when targeting niche industries. Fortunately, there are ways to make the sales process easier and more effective, from setting up your sales enablement strategy to tailoring your message to the buyer personas involved in the buying process. Check out these 10 tips on how to sell the meeting and increase sales conversion rates so you can get more high-value business deals across the finish line.

1) Warm Up to People

Start with a warm introduction. Most people need time to embrace a new idea so start with thoughtful messaging. Make sure you have your proposal ready, with all of your key points clearly stated and organized. If there are common questions about your ideas, be sure to address them in advance.

2) Create a Vision

The most important thing to keep in mind when selling the meeting is that it’s not a sales pitch. Instead, it’s a meeting during which you and your client can establish a vision of what the project will look like and how it will benefit your client. Consider your meeting to be more than just a sales pitch and show the client how passionate you are for the subject matter – doing so will increase sales conversion rates more than you think.

3) Appeal to Emotions

Use phrases that elicit emotions such as, “I think you’ll enjoy the meeting” or “I hope you’ll come out of it feeling less worried about your problems”. Both word choice and phrasing will help draw prospective clients to book a meeting with you. Consider using words such as “hope”, “enjoy”, “concerned”, “happy”, etc.

4) Personalize and Automate

If you want your team to be able to convert more sales, make it easier for them. If a prospect needs additional information, use automation and messaging platforms as much as possible. No one wants to wait days or weeks for answers—make sure their questions are answered in real time. Consider using a lead generation platform such like ours.

5) Be Short and to the Point

Your messaging needs to be compelling and attention-grabbing from the start. Don’t start with a weak “hope you’re well” or other throwaway statements. If your hook is lacking, clients won’t invest their time in speaking with you so get to the point quickly.

10 tips on how to sell the meeting and increase sales conversion rates so you can get more high-value business deals across the finish line.

6) Respect Your Prospect’s Time

Don’t waste your prospect’s time. People are busy, and if you don’t respect that by staying concise and focused on why you’re reaching out to them, they may very well be turned off. It pays to put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and imagine how you would react if a salesperson were contacting you without any justification. Acknowledge their current position: tell them why you think they need your product or service.

7) Clearly Explain How You’ll Solve the Biggest Issues

Selling for B2B requires time and effort to help uncover issues before they cause a major problem. What keeps your ideal customer up at night? Consider all of the issues that they will face and be prepared to explain how your product or service will solve their problems.

8) Explain Exactly What To Do Next

The best way to do that is by providing a clear call-to-action in your sales conversation. As you’re creating your messaging, make sure it’s super easy for your leads to reply, such as including a call-to-action with links and buttons to a calendar or direct phone number. Remember—it’s often best not to ask for a conversation over email, but rather just give them the steps on what they need to do next.

9) Ask for a Commitment

During the sales process, it’s important to elicit commitment to further the interest of the client. Ask for their commitment with the call to action to qualify the contact and help galvanize the clients interest. You can do so by making sure to ask the right questions and sell their interest and desire in their own terms to ensure that they don’t lose sight of their goals. Remember: benefits tell while features sell. You want them hungry for more. So if you are planning on calling back with another meeting request, help them look forward to it!

10) Sell A Test

Research shows people need to build trust and are usually willing to participate in a test, pilot, or experiment. This starts a selling process by getting the client to “pay” with their attention. Do something that makes you stand out from your competition – Be creative! You don’t have to do something expensive like sponsoring an event or sending someone on a training course; instead think about what your customers will find interesting, helpful, entertaining or relevant.

Selling the meeting and increasing sales conversion rates is never an easy task. But with the right mindset, and these tips, you can increase your sales conversion rates by as much as 25%. Over the course of a month, that small change could make a big difference for your organization.

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