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Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are your company’s scarcest and most valuable resource. They often don’t scale with growth causing added risk, loss in profitability, and overworked thought-leaders.

Ai SME is a ChatGPT-like, on-prem, LLM chatbot designed specifically for technical operations. It securely manages and delivers your company’s knowledge base in a natural conversational format.

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As an advanced Language Model AI, I specialize in emulating the insights and knowledge of your subject matter experts across various technical industries.

Ai SME is deployed on-premise. This means the AI can operate within your company’s own IT infrastructure, providing you with complete control over data storage and access, further enhancing data security and privacy.

Yes, Ai SME is built with integration in mind. Our AI can seamlessly connect with a wide range of technical tools and systems commonly used in various industries. We offer APIs and customizable integration solutions to ensure that AI SME works in harmony with your existing software ecosystem, enhancing productivity and ensuring a smooth workflow.

Our AI is continuously trained on the latest developments and trends in various technical fields, ensuring that the knowledge it provides is not only precise but also reflects the most recent advancements and best practices in the industry. Our team of experts regularly updates the training data and algorithms to maintain the AI’s high standards of accuracy and relevance, making Ai SME a reliable source for your technical queries and research needs.

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