Building Engines of Opportunity

Tired of grinding out cold calls, sales cycles & trade shows? Struggling to find traction with marketing agencies, digital ads, CRMs, and social platforms? With all this tech, there’s got to be a smart, cost-effective way to…

We have a better way to build your B2B business

Revvnue is a new BD beast: a hybrid lead generation + digital marketing agency that has figured out a more effective way to leverage social media, consistently generate hot leads and create better sales opportunities using marketing automation tech.

Our Process is Simple

Optimize Interwebs
Our digital strategists tune your website and social presence into an all-out lead-to-prospect conversion machine. We know your audience, so expect engaging visuals, interactivity, and intelligent content.
Auto-magically Create Awareness
We leverage social networks to capture leads and continuously create demand. Micro-target and nurture leads with cutting-edge automation tech and track success with our marketing intelligence platform.
Fill Your Sales Pipeline
We deliver hot, qualified leads, daily. Track sales cycles in your CRM to gain deep insights into sales objections and deploy enablement tools to close more business, faster.

B2B Companies We Revv Up

Growth hack, edu-tain clients on your solution. Capture and close SaaS through direct response strategies.
Disrupt established markets, ramp up quickly and break down barriers to entry. Pivot into new verticals.
Carve out a niche, establish trust and target the right people with the right message.
Establish trust, differentiate, land & expand with quick-close deliverables leading to more in-depth work.
Engage, educate and entertain. Create buzz and demand. Keep your audience updated with critical updates.
Compete in dense, commoditized markets. Create demand, and stay top-of-mind with videos of production.
Extend your reputation from social circles to social networks. Combat marketing gimmicks that lure clients away from proper representation.
Track digital signals and market to people when they need you the most. Deliver preventative guidance, establish mind share.

Zero Obligation Month-to-Month Contract

We provide turn-key marketing and lead gen for with companies of all sizes, at a fraction of the cost. Dedicated support from talented B2B digital marketing strategists and no obligation month-to-month contracts.

Lead Generator

Revv 1

Get qualified leads via social platforms

Basic Monthly Package Includes:
Digital Strategy
CRM & Sales Automation
Marketing Intelligence Platform
Lead Generation Program
Lead Nurture Campaign
Demand Driver

Revv 2

Create content, inbound & paid media

Revv 1 PLUS:
Email Drip Marketing
Social Content Marketing
Paid Digital Ad Campaign
Monthly Specialty Campaigns
Marketing Success Manager
Full Throttle Opportunity Engine

Revv 3

Custom Enterprise Solutions

Revv 1 & 2 PLUS:
Custom Plans
Multiple Revenue Streams
Global Corporate Footprint
Multichannel Marketing

Start Generating More Revenue Today.

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